Football is so much better without audacious skills. Die portugiesische Fußballnationalmannschaft bei der Fußball-Europameisterschaft 2008 in … Thank you and good night. 2008 in Portugal; 0–9. Le Championnat du Portugal de football 2007-2008 est la 74 e édition de la compétition depuis sa création.. 90 +1 min: Nani cross in again but Ronaldo can't get shot in. Wonder if John Terry is thinking about seeking pastures new right about now." Euro - Suivez en live la rencontre de Football opposant Portugal et Allemagne. 90 +3 min: Nani tricks round Fritz but Postiga fouls his marker and Germany can run some more time down. Portugal. Oh dear. 45 min+ 1 Ronaldo is beginning to run this game. Reviva o jogo completo Portugal vs. Germany de Quarter-finals da Euro de 2008 celebrado em St. Jakob-Park (Basel) em Footballia 60 min: Podolski takes his time getting it clear after Boswinga – the man of the match so far – gets forward again. First published on Thu 19 Jun 2008 10.05 EDT. He gets it clear though. 36 min: Portugal are pouring forward now, but they've nearly been caught on the break twice in two minutes. I hope I don't live to see Bastian Shweinsteiger knocking off anyone. Eurosport propose pour cette rencontre un suivi en direct permettant de connaître l'évolution du score et les actions importantes.Les entraineurs Fernando Santos et Joachim Löw vont-ils trouver la solution pour l'emporter dans ce match ? 8:01. Hitzlsperger is off for Borowski and Petit is off for Postiga. Kombinieren Sie die richtigen Paare! EM 2008 Die Mannschaften . Ce match se déroule le 19 juin 2008 et débute à 20:45. Let them hate me, as long as they fear me, eh Cristiano? 5 min: Ronaldo gets free for the first – and not, I suspect, the last - time and delivers a cross that's too close to Lehmann, who collects easily. Nani is on in his place. "The same one as Henry Rollins?". That's not Matt Damon, it's me. 3 min: Ricardo, has a wee jaunt out of the box and you can almost hear Andy Townsend thinking "dodgy foreign keeper". Both teams had their chances in the first twenty minutes but there was no real breakthrough for either side. ", 48 min: No goals as yet. 76 min: Deco's long ball is cleared by Friedrich. Ah, but you still imagined it, didn't you, Luke, you filthbag. Übersicht Portugal - Deutschland 2:3 (EM 2008 in Österreich/Schweiz, Viertelfinale) 45 min: Portugal continue to attack but Germany defend stoutly. 54 min: "Teeth falling out dreams mean you aren't always clear about your future and you are going to be rich," says Harry Wolf. Watch the 2008 Portugal vs. Germany Euro Quarter-finals full match held at St. Jakob-Park (Basel) on Footballia 73 min: Nani has acres of space (well, 0.0084 acres) on the right and wins a corner. And because Portugal can't defend. 15 min: Simao skips away from his marker, but sends it up to a particularly lonely part of the pitch. Germany: Lehmann, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Rolfes, Ballack, Hitzlsperger, Klose, Podolski.Subs: Enke, Adler, Jansen, Fritz, Westermann, Frings, Gomez,Neuville, Trochowski, Borowski, Odonkor, Kuranyi. "Hey, just like Ronaldo!" European Pop Idol: The anthems arrive and, by God, Nuno Gomes has got a strong voice. @tom_lutz Thu 19 Jun 2008 10.05 EDT. Hey, Friedrich isn't too bad after all, he puts in a very good challenge as Ronaldo breezes into the box. Fans feiern auf Berliner Straßen. Ronaldo's shot is blocked and Germany string some passes together themselves – Ballack fires in a shot to Ricardo's near post that the keeper palms away. 3 January – Antônio Matias, judoka (born 1963). 51 min: Hitzlsperger – he of the hammer–and-drill feet – has a ball that bounces for him to strike, but sends it over. 90 min: Four minutes for Portugal to get an equaliser. Portugal - Allemagne - Quarts de finale de l'Euro 2008 J'espere qu'on va gagner et passer en demi finale,mais ça ne sera pas facile Força Portugal Half-time. 80 min: Podolski belts a shot in about a foot wide. I woke up this morning feeling a little sad after a dream where all my teeth fell out - a classic anxiety dream - but this has cheered me up no end. 67min: Portugal want more of an attacking threat, so they've taken Gomes off (zing!). Does anyone in world football not know that Ballack is a fantastic header of the ball? Francisco Martins Rodrigues. Ronaldo has a wee tumble and claims he was stamped on by Friedrich. 57 min: Boswinga gets forward again. Deutsche Nationalmannschaft schlägt Portugal mit 3:2. "Am I the only person feeling quite dirty wanting Germany to win?" Portugal 0–1 Germany (Schweinsteiger 22 min) A brilliant goal from Germany. 43 min: This is already a minor classic. GOAL!!!!!!!! From Now On released in Portugal. Germany's first goal was breathtaking, but the other two could have been defended by Calais under-12s Second XI. Very interesting. Ce match se déroule le 19 juin 2008 et débute à 20:45. Deaths. Portugal look beaten now (cue magnificent comeback). Some of the gaggery has been breathtaking. Le meilleur buteur de la saison est l'argentin Lisandro López, qui inscrit 24 buts en 27 matchs (soit une moyenne de 0,89 buts par match). Portugal 1–3 Germany (Ballack 61 min)That was filth. Schweinsteiger swings a free-kick into the area, Ferreira is beaten to the ball by Ballack, but Ricardo should have collected it with ease and Ballack knocks it in. 70 min: Lahm knocks a ball gently wide as he gets forward and cuts in from the left. 25 min: The quality of team football in this tournament has been breathtaking at times. Subs: Nuno,Rui Patricio, Bruno Alves, Fernando Meira, Raul Meireles,Hugo Almeida, Miguel, Jorge Ribeiro, Quaresma, Veloso, Nani,Postiga. Sports. GOAL!!!!!!!! SCOLARI OUT." "He's probably had enough of overpaid primadonnas with fragile egos who just bottle it during the really big games. DFB Team im Viertelfinale. The pitch has been relaid since the rain-soaked laughfest that was Turkey v Switzerland, so don't be surprised if a certain Portuguese winner is stopped by a last-ditch tackle from a bobble in the pitch. Which brings me on to this: "It's because Mr Broken-down-lorry-stuck-in-reverse-gear kept Ronaldo at bay," says Radbert Grimmig. Prüfen Prüfen . This means that 100 euro in 2008 are equivalent to 113.11 euro in 2020.In other words, the purchasing power of €100 in 2008 equals €113.11 today. 30 min: Portugal don't look too panicked and play keep ball. 83 min: Corner to Portugal, nothing happens. 90 +3 min: Ronaldo just about keeps it in but his cross only finds German feet. Pièce portugaise commémorative J.O De Pékintirage: 300.000 ex - 2,5 Euro portugal 2008 - Le Comptoir de l'Euro Hilarious filth, but filth nonetheless. Thursday, 19th June at 20.45. Découvrez également toute l'actualité du Football: calendrier, résultats et classements. Spielschema der Begegnung zwischen Portugal und Deutschland 2:3 (1:2) Europameisterschaft, 2008 in Österreich/Schweiz, Viertelfinale am Donnerstag, 19. This list may not reflect recent changes . Sports News and Highlights from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and leagues around the … "While not exactly in the spirit of the game, one has to admit it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke." At least the weather has dried up - for the moment. Yep, that one. "Why is there a picture of Matt Damon at the top," wonders Tracy Mohr. 2008 Golden Globes (Portugal) 2010–2014 Portuguese financial crisis; E. Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008; P. List of Portuguese films of 2008 ; This page was last edited on 24 February 2019, at 15:06 (UTC). Ah, I knew there was a reason for him to be there. "Greetings Tom," says Andy Bradshaw. Apart from knocking England out of major tournaments. 46 min: Round Two. Gomes flicks the resulting corner on and Pepe is inside the six-yard box but heads it over. EURO 2008 highlights: Portugal 2 - 3 Germany was posted by fuzzil on 6 May, 2016 .Click here to see the post on Troll Football - The best site for Football trolls, images, gifs, videos and more. "Is that picture from the latest Bourne Identity film," wonders Robyn Forrest. L'Allemagne s'est qualifiée pour les demi-finales de l'Euro-2008 en battant le Portugal 3 à 2 (mi-temps: 2-1), jeudi 19 juin à Bâle He cuts in from the left and his shot shudders across Lehmann's goal and goes this far wide of the far post. 33 min: Ronaldo backheels it to Gomes who plays him in, but Mertesacker clears. Opened in 1931, the Ernst-Happel-Stadion was built for the second Workers' Olympiad. Portugal bring it upfield and Deco chips in a lovely ball, but Postiga is beaten to the ball by Lehmann. Deutschland - Portugal Euro 2008 | 3:2 | Jindujun | Flickr ... 3:2 Apart from then, when Boswinga swung in a dangerous cross that Nuno Gomes didn't make proper contact with. "Don't worry about Tyldesley," councils Ronan Hayes with a soothing mug of honey tea. "I hate to say it, but Ronaldo is so good, he can even get Nuno Gomes to score a goal," says George Templeton, not unfairly. Germany counter-attack and Ballack's beautiful ball to Hitzlsperger would have been perfect if he wasn't offside. Pièces euros du Portugal pour 2 euro Année 2008 - Achetez une variété de produits à prix abordables sur eBay. As incisive and pacy as Russia were last night. The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2008 or simply Euro 2008, was the 13th UEFA European Football Championship, a quadrennial football tournament contested by European nations. Template:Portugal squad UEFA Euro 2008. … With Germany 2-0 up early on, Portugal had no choice but to attack and luckily for us, that's what they do best. Film. GermanFootball 12,061 views. Yep, judging by the 893 anti-Ronaldo emails I've got, most people feel quite good about wanting Germany to win. 11 min: The Germans have two things going for them here. Moutinho, who has picked up a knock, is off for Meireles "I'm told that 'Schweinsteiger' means 'pig-climber' in German, which is odd to imagine," trumpets Luke Yates. Portugal do now. Deco nearly plays Nuno Gomes in with a header. Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna, the largest stadium of the eight Euro 2008 venues, hosted UEFA Euro 2008 final match on 29 June 2008. Pages in category "Portugal at UEFA Euro 2008" The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total. Eh? "Surely it's time to start the Ronaldo-In-Tears countdown now," says Angus Chisholm, dancing a jig of joy. 90 +4 min: Podolski shoots straight at Ricardo, he clears long, but THAT'S IT!!!!! Euro 2008 is becoming the best tournament that I can remember. 11 juin 2008: Portugal: Tchéquie: 3 - 1: Deco (8 e), C. Ronaldo (64 e), Quaresma (90+1 re) | Sionko (17 e) 15 juin 2008: Suisse: Portugal: 2 - 0: Yakin (71 e, 82 e sp) À la suite de leurs deux premiers matchs remportés face à la Turquie et à la République tchèque, les Lusitaniens sont déjà qualifiés pour les quarts de finale et assurés de finir premier du groupe A. Connectez-vous pour sauvegarder vos favoris. "Where Matt Damon wakes up dressed as a footballer with a giant bank account being hunted by a Russian oligarch.". Economisez avec notre option de livraison gratuite. GOAL!!!!!!!! Top scorer Lukas Podolski will play however [MBM writer starts transparent attempt to convince readership he spends his life travelling European football stadia] and when I saw him play for FC Cologne against Energie Cottbus back in 2006, he was the most impressive player I've ever seen in the flesh. Euro 2008 - 19 juin 2008 Euro - Suivez en live la rencontre de Football opposant Portugal et Allemagne. I shudder to imagine what these teams would do to England. Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100. Where World Cup 2006 often became about teams coming together to stop the opposition scoring, this one's about teams coming together to make it impossible for other teams to stop them scoring. €100 in 2008. Pepe is booked for a foul on Klose. Oh.". This game is going downhill fast. E. UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying Group A; UEFA Euro 2008 Group A; K. UEFA Euro 2008 knockout phase; P. Template:Portugal squad UEFA Euro 2008 ; This page was last edited on 3 July 2018, at 17:19 (UTC). GOAL!!!!!!!! Euro 2008: Quarter-Final Match. Portugal 0–2 Germany (Klose 26 min)Whereas that was just bad defending. "He's just annoyed Ronaldo is leaving his beloved United and is not even going to his favourite city, Barcelona. Oh, I don't know JT would fit in with this lot and their big-game howlers. Marie Meyer says it, but we're all thinking it. Fritz comes on for Schweinsteiger. Bad news for the Germans then Frings is out which means Arne Friedrich - a player our own Raphael Honigstein described as "a man who can only run in straight lines and is as good going forward as a broken-down lorry stuck in reverse gear" - is responsible for tracking little-known Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo. Photograph: AP, For those that don't think Matt Damon looks like Michael Ballack see this. Mailing List - See more. Le championnat a débuté le 18 août 2007 et a vu le FC Porto défendre victorieusement son titre de champion.. Boswinga crosses and Moutinho misses a simple chance from 78cm out. He does, however, have nice hair, which should secure him the crucial teenage girl demographic. 49 min: Lahm is booked after losing possession to Simao and tripping him up. For some reason he's being marked by Podolski, who can't stay with him. So EU directive 84b – No Member State Shall Write Off The Germans - is fulfilled. "It's unacceptable. Schweinsteiger whips in a free-kick and Ronaldo allows Klose to get a free header about eight-yards out. Heeeeeeeeerrreeeeeeeeee's Naylor: "Alan Greene on Five Live has just said that 'Ronaldo's showboating is offensive to the opposition' and that he should 'cut it out'. Achetez en … It took place in Austria and Switzerland (both hosting the tournament for the first time) from 7 to 29 June 2008. 39 votes, 15 comments. Pages in category "2008 in Portugal" The following 5 pages are in this category, out of 5 total. €113.11 in 2020. Firstly, they're huge – professional pipsqueak Philipp Lahm aside- and secondly they're closing the Portuguese down very quickly. Portugal are out and Ronaldo is off to Madri… Germany are through to the semis. Oh, and scores. And, yes, I have seen Ricky Otto play. Winner Group A: Runner-up Group B: The pitch in Basle has been relaid, but with two quarter-finals and a semi-final to be played here within a week, will it last? Aufstellungen, Spielerwechsel, Torschützen, Karten und weitere Statistiken zum EM-Spiel zwischen Portugal und Deutschland aus der Saison 2008. Meireles knocks a thunderbolt over from 35-yards. Indeed, once we get to the position of having none of these oikish, overpaid and (let's face it) unashamedly foreign players, we can concentrate on what really attracts the fans - listening to the facile opinions of middle-aged fat men, who have never played the game, but get a handsome remuneration for telling us what the score is." Germany waste a bit of time as Klose makes way for Jansen. Nani plays a ball over the German defence and Postiga (yes, that one) heads past Lehmann. Tradition," says PH Wolfs, who I suspect is Dutch. Deutschland gewinnt. Apart from Ballack. Half-time emails: "Scolari must be thrilled he's leaving Portugal for Chelsea," building up to the kind of zinger that would do KFC proud. I'm reckon Ronaldo will announce it himself as he's walking off the pitch. Population Pyramids: Portugal - 2008. "It is not that I do not hate Ronaldo, but this is just curiosity: does anybody by any chance know if Ronaldo follows a separate weight training programme for his neck," says Martijn ten Haar. Portugal defronta no proximo sábado a Bélgica, e quarta-feira joga na Sérvia, sem Simão castigado e Deco operado hoje (Terça-feira) na mão direita. 1 min: And they're off, Joachim Low looks on mournfully from the stands after being sent off in the last game. "If Portugal's No10 swapped shirts with the German full-back at the end of the game," begins Jona Steenbrink, "would that be Moutinho dressed as Lahm?" GOAL!!!!!!!! Portugal: Ricardo, Bosingwa, Pepe, Carvalho, Ferreira, Petit, Joao Moutinho, Ronaldo, Deco, Simao, Nuno Gomes. A Selecção Nacional reuniu-se hoje numa unidade hoteleira de Porto Salvo, em Oeiras para preparar os dois importantes compromissos com a Bélgica, no sábado, e frente à Sérvia, ambos de apuramento para o Campeonato da Europa de 2008. Hello, Andy. "The Germans will win so they can knock off Holland in the finals. 89 min: Interesting. Regardez Eurosport où et quand vous voulez. He doesn't miss. Ronaldo heads over. He does look a bit shamefaced too. Football (soccer) competitions: Primeira Liga, Liga de Honra, Taça da Liga, Taça de Portugal. 19 min: Ballack's first shot is a header than loops up into the evening sky and troubles absolutely no one. 8 min: Ronaldo is roundly booed every time he touches the ball. 38 min: Tyldesley has a crack at Ronaldo and his "smartie pants tricks" because entertaining people is, of course, a crime. Avant la rencontre, nous vous proposons également de lire des articles relatifs à ces deux équipes de Football.Consultez la fiche détaillée pour Portugal, ainsi que celle pour Allemagne. 81 min: Simao curls a forlorn shot over. The inflation rate in Portugal between 2008 and today has been 13.11%, which translates into a total increase of €13.11. 85 min: Klose knocks it on to Fritz, but his cross is blocked by Carvalho. Suivez l'intégralité de cette confrontation avec le live Eurosport.Vous avez également la possibilité de donner votre avis sur le match en votant ci-dessous: qui va gagner la rencontre entre Portugal et Allemagne ? 21 min: Boswinga is causing more problems than Ronaldo. 65 min: If Portugal lose this, it's because they have let in two goals from set pieces that took the minimum of marking. Jump to navigation Jump to search Template documentation. Portugal 2–3 Germany (Ballack 87 min)Oooh. 3 Stunden EM-Party, Kreuzung Eberswalder Straße / Kastanienallee / Pappelallee / Schönhauser Allee La saison 2008-2009 de la Liga Sagres est la 75 e édition du Championnat du Portugal de football.La premier niveau du championnat oppose 16 seize clubs portugais en une série de trente rencontres jouées durant la saison de football. "Is Abramovich going to sack Scolari for this," demands Simon Howells. That's good enough to end an epic game on. "Surely with Frings out, Friedrich will just kick lumps out of Ronaldo at every opportunity," pipes up Paul Spencer. Serving as the national stadium, the Ernst-Happel-Stadion hosted numerous Champions League finals, including final between Internazionale and Real Madrid (3–1) in 1964, Porto … 18.2m members in the sports community. Unfortunately he is horribly out of tune and is about 10 seconds behind the rest of the team. I haven't seen a leather ball take so much punishment since a hurricane swept through the 1993 S&M Autumn Dinner and Dance. There have been very few great individual goals but Holland, Russia and now Germany have scored from some epic, sweeping moves that have been almost impossible to stop. Afghanistan AFRICA Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba ASIA Australia Australia/New Zealand Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia (Plurinational … 71 min: Petit strikes the ball well, just outside the area, but Lehmann saves well. Podolski and Ballack exchange passes before Podolski crosses to Schweinsteiger who taps home. "On the basis of this showing, I'd say Chelsea's defense is going to be 'interesting' next year. He then gets free in the box and shoots straight at Lehmann at the near post. In music: Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. EURO 2008 highlights: Portugal 2-3 Germany - Duration: 2 ... Länderspielsaison 2007/2008 - Alle Tore Deutschland (ohne EM) - Duration: 8:01. Come on Naylor, I'm not that fat. J’accepte de recevoir par mail les nouveautés et les offres concernant les produits & services des sociétés du même groupe qu'Eurosport. Euro 2008: Portugal 2-3 Germany - as it happened Tom Lutz. This list may not reflect recent changes . Portugal 1–2 Germany (Gomes 40 min)Ronaldo breaks into the box, you'd expect him to score but Lehmann saves with his legs and Nuno Gomes picks up the rebound. Portugal had plenty of possession before the goal but hadn't really threatened. Michael Ballack was surprised to see palm trees in Switzerland. I've got to say, the standard of email tonight has been superb. For those that don't think Matt Damon looks like Michael Ballack see this. "Two-nil to Germany: what time tonight do Real Madrid announce they've signed Ronaldo," says Steven Mills.